Sunday, 9 July 2017

My Book Projects

These past few months I've spent more time writing than sketching and painting. I've had several writing projects on the go, a new art book, and a book of my poetry and essays. 

Thus far the art book project, My Painting Places: Algonquin Provincial Park,  is partially completed. As it turned out, I have so much material that I'll have to divide it up into several parts. Part I has been published, and is available for preview and sale on It's available in print, and as a far less expensive PDF download. Part I begins out side the park at Oxtongue Lake, where we've stayed over the years during our exploration of the park, and travels into the park as far as Canisbay Lake. Part II, presently being put together, begins where Part I left off and travels as far as Lake Opeongo, and should be available  late autumn of this year, or sometime next winter.

Book Cover