Sunday, 12 March 2017


In Part One we travelled to Cypress Hills Provincial Park in Alberta, and were about to head off to Waterton Lakes National Park. Before doing so I thought to reveal how a simple very quick sketch, such as that done above while standing on the hydro dam at the Montreal River, can lead to something a bit more involved:-

Graphite Study #1 

Graphite Study #2

Graphite Study #3

Watercolour Study- Montreal River

Montreal River    Watercolour Painting I

Montreal River    Watercolour Painting II

We've been back that way several time since making my original sketch, and the subsequent studies and paintings depicted. It's interesting to note that back when the Group of Seven painted in this area there were no hydro dams on the Montreal River. As for this location, since the 911 terrorist attack in New York city security measures have been put in place at hydro facilities such as this. A fence ringed with barbed wire, and security cameras now prevents visitors from gaining access to the dam, and this very scenic view.

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