Monday, 20 February 2017


Park Lake - Algonquin Park   Watercolour Painting  2001

What about Newton’s Third Law?

It’s been awhile since I blogged, ranted some would say, and ask why today?

Well, my wife, thinking to get me all worked up, pointed out an article on the Weather Channel about a professor at Arizona State University Department of Physics suggesting that millions of wind pumps pumping water onto the arctic tundra in winter would create a layer of ice that would either prevent, or stall, global warming. It’s really not feasible of course as the cost, in the trillions, makes such a project unaffordable. Also, in my opinion, and what do I know, it would seem to be scary science. There’s a basic law in physics discovered, we’re told, by Sir Isaac Newton. It’s called Newton’s Third Law that states, “for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction”. With this in mind one has to wonder what would happen if you were to artificially cover a large slice of the tundra with a foot, or so, of ice? Would it actually work and slow global warming, and if so what effect would it have on changes that are/have already taking/taken place? And, then another question arises, where do we get this amount of water, and what effect would it have on land already under stress. And then there’s the problem of convincing the indigenous peoples to embrace such action. Good luck, I say. Lot’s of questions, however, not to concern ourselves as wind pumps in the arctic will never happen.

Now, I should point out that I’m really not too concerned as I’m much too old (I think) to witness the doom and gloom forecasted for 50 - 60 years from now. Hell, my idea of the future at my age is tomorrow, and tomorrow. But, I am concerned for future generations as I do believe that too much effort is being wasted on solutions for the immediate future. Billions of dollars are being spent (wasted) on technology deemed to be new, and needed, before being properly tested. Long term solutions, and I mean really long term solutions not just a few decades, are not being considered.

Let’s face it, historically global warming is a natural occurrence. It’s going to happen, and the doom forecasted will be real, but probably not for centuries. True, there will be weather events that occur, which we will try to pin on our current use of fossil fuels, but in reality these events, or events of a similar nature are largely caused by nature itself, and humanity’s failure to work with nature. Massive urbanization, abuse of water sources, and poor agricultural practices, have wreaked more havoc than the burning of fossil fuels ever have.

What should we be doing to save humanity? Perhaps, we should think long term, and begin to correct past mistakes. It was stupid, and still is to develop along the coasts of oceans and inland seas realizing, as we should have known based upon science, that historically bodies of water rise and fall with time. Maybe we should make some effort to green the deserts of the world rather than spend the earth’s resources in attempting to colonize Mars. It’s such a stupid idea with no valid reason to do so. Perhaps, we should take a look at population controls of some sort. Actually, without incurring the wrath of the various religions of the world, we really should look at population controls. Talk about stupidity, since the development of agriculture we’ve been breeding like rats, totally out of control. Finally, perhaps we should really look at developing technology to live in a much warmer world. Mistake here, I said “we”. Sorry, it’s a little too late for me to be of much help. Should there be any young people reading this rant, it’s really up to you, keeping in mind Newton’s Third Law.

Now, as to why I’ve been a bit tardy in my blogging, I’m busy writing and illustrating a couple of books. I’m attempting to rewrite an older book about Algonquin Provincial Park. Since producing “Where Raven Plays - An Artsit’s Guide To Algonquin Provincial Park” way back in 2002 I’ve made many more drawings and paintings, so it seemed a worthwhile project, one that I thought would go quickly. Think again Ernest! Another project that I’m working on is a book of prose and poetry. Poetry, you say! Yes, it’s true, from time to time I try to write poetry:-


When I was young,
very young,
a mere boy,
I lived in the moment.
There was no yesterday,
nor tomorrow,
only the moment.

Everything was new,
an experience,
a fleeting memory
swept aside,
crowded out,
by something colourful,
that caught my eye.

As I grew older
the very things that caught my eye
began to linger,
worthy of additional thought,

was followed by tomorrow,
until tomorrows filled my mind,
but still left much

As I grow old,
I struggle to catch up
with past tomorrows,
fearful that
my tomorrows
will soon catch up
leaving no tomorrow.

So, there it is, I’m working away attempting to accomplish as much as is possible before I have to leave the problems of tomorrow to others.

Oxtongue Lake -Misty Morning - Romance Island   Graphite Drawing 2017

Misty Morning - Northern Lake    Watercolour Sketch

Oxtongue Lake - Misty Morning   Graphite Sketch  2017

Oxtongue Lake- Misty Morning    Graphite Drawing  2017