Thursday, 2 June 2016


I’ve never been a fan of organizations whose tactics seem, at least to me, to be based upon the sowing of misinformation, and civil disobedience. As someone who believes that the natural balance of the world has been so altered that management of what remains is essential, I can hardly support environmental actions accompanied by few if any solutions, as well as personal profit. 

I’ve personally attempted to promote and protect our natural heritage be it in Canada, or abroad, through my art, and by doing so I can assure everyone that my only profit has been, satisfaction that I’ve increased awareness.

Understanding and management of our natural resources is the only solution. Wreaking havoc and damaging economies is hardly a solution. Cooperation by everyone is the only way that we will succeed in saving what is left of Nature. 

Greenpeace, and various others that border on being reffered to as eco-terrorists, it would seem will soon have to defend their actions in court. No doubt the pending action will send shivers throughout the eco based anti establishment community.

If, as an individual, you wish to do something worthwhile to save what’s left of our natural world join with those who work quietly such as, Ducks Unlimited, the Audubon Society, or a local naturalist group. Wreaking havoc has never solved anything, but to deflect the good being done by those who work quietly, as well as make a few persons wealthy.

As we pass through this world let nature be your guide.

Mallard Duck      Pencil Studies

Drake Mallards     Watercolour Painting

Drake Wood Duck   Watercolour Painting

White-breasted Nuthatch   Pencil Drawing

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