Thursday, 18 February 2016


The fact that we’ve had a mild winter (thus far) will no doubt fuel the concept of global warming, and bring the activists out of the closet once again. With the crash of the markets, and the oil industry in shambles, they seem to have become quiet, momentarily. Then perhaps, just perhaps, it's finally gotten through to the younger of the activists that they're activities are being tracked by potential future employers, and that a criminal record means that your border crossing /travelling days are over.
Anyway, read an article about Al Gore at some environmental event attempting to rally the troops.  Got me to thinking, following my reading Al Gore’s ramblings, that global warming has been going on for quite some time. It seems to me that several thousand years ago there was an Ice Age, or a series of ice ages, and everything melted. Searched Google regarding the melting of the glaciers and came up with an article on this same subject in Scientific America.    

The article suggests that we, we humans, are speeding things up slightly, but regardless of what we do nature is going to have her way, and since humanity is being given a couple of hundred years to prepare, the suggestion is that we should begin to adjust to living on a warmer planet. This said, given my age and the possibility of my being around when things become stifling not at all that great, I don’t think that I’ll worry all that much. As for the likes of Al Gore, I do believe I’ll ignore their rantings from now on and simply get on with enjoying nature. Life is much too short to spend a lot of time producing wealth for those who would spout doom and gloom without delivering realistic solutions such as possibly reducing the world's population, rather than producing sources of green energy for an ever increasing world population. We should realize that there's a limit to just how many people we can fit into our life boat. 

Back to sorting images for my book projects.......

Stormy Day - Lake Superior Provincial Park  Graphite Drawing  2016

Sheguiandah Lake - Killarney Provincial Park  Watercolour Field Sketch

Mouth of Wolf Creek - Watercolour Field Sketch

Wolf Creek   - Watercolour Field Sketch

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