Monday, 8 February 2016


Tired of sorting images to use in the various books that I’m crafting I took a bit of a break, and using a Sharpie ink pen I scribbled a 6”X10” sketch from memory of a view of Orphan Lake located up in Lake Superior  Provincial Park. It took but a few minutes, a so-so sketch, time enough to ease the frustration of working with images made years gone by, images that awaken memories of moments never to be repeated. 

The fact is that memories can never be repeated. It’s like going to a restaurant and enjoying a great meal, so you go back a year later and the menu is changed and the chef has moved on and the meal is something far less than what you remembered. 
Memories are like an old movie film,
unravelling frame by frame.
Some are blank,
Some are scratched,
And some difficult to understand.
But some are in perfect condition,
Something to hold on to,
As one is growing old.

And with the film’s progression
Some frames become unclear,
Some are brightly coloured, that’s true,
But some are shades of blue. 
The reel continues to unravel,
the frames become unclear.
And suddenly it’s over,
Fade to black. 
A few of the images that I was sorting ......

The Mouth of Wolf Creek  - Pencil Sketch

Wolf Creek - Entrance to Spoon Lake   Watercolour Painting

Middle Of Wolf Creek     Watercolour Study

Spoon Lake    Watercolour Painting

Wolf Creek Landscape    Watercolour Field Sketch   July 2003

Back to sorting old memories........

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