Thursday, 24 December 2015


'Tis the day before Christmas and all through the forest,
there is only the sound of snow falling softly.
The chipmunks are sleeping, warm in their dens,
visions of acorns likely dance in their heads.
Chickadees are darting here and there,
their dee-dee-deeing lost on the cold crisp air.
Winter arrived late one night,
on a cold northern wind that chilled with a fright.
It's quiet now, 
very quiet in the woods, all covered in frost and snow.

Christmas 2015 is but a few hours away. My, how the time flies. Seems like only yesterday we were cutting our lawns, and now we're into winter. However, from the weather outside you wouldn't know it, plus 13C and sunny. No sense getting used to it though, as there's snow in the forecast, and soon we'll be shovelling, and counting down the days remaining until spring.

Over the winter I'll be busy putting together yet another art book, this one focusing on my landscape sketches and paintings. You see, lurking inside of me is the little boy who would be an artist, and who continues, even after all these years, to be eager to show the world his sketches and drawings. So, as no one is  eager to publish my sketches and drawings, and to research the history behind them, I’ve decided to do so myself. Call it vanity if you will, but the truth of the matter is as one grows older one has to find something to pass the time, and what better way is there than to revisit the past through one’s sketches and drawings. The sketches and paintings in this book are but a very few of those made over the years. Some of the sketches were executed very quickly, on the run so to speak, and many of the drawings and paintings were made in my studio based upon notes made in the field. Each is a piece of my history while working at becoming an artist. And so I plod away, taking time off now and then to make a painting, or three.

Island Algonquin     Watercolour Painting 2015

Island Whitefish Lake Algonquin Watercolour Painting

View from the Crack  Killarney     Watercolour Painting 2015