Monday, 13 July 2015


Recently, a number of prominent Canadian and American environmentalists attended a conference in Toronto expressing concerns about global warming, specifically blaming the use of fossil fuels as the cause. All that we have to do we’re told is to wean ourselves from the use of fossil fuels, and to turn to so called green energy, and all of the problems related to global warming such as food and water shortages will be solved. Don’t we wish that it were that easy! Some seem to have forgotten that to make the tools that produce green energy, a lot of energy and new technology will be required. In fact green energy is only a delaying action, and will ultimately be proven to have solved nothing, but make a few of the environmentalists wealthy.

The real problem, something that environmentalists refuse to acknowledge, is the that there are simply too many people. The problem began several thousands of years ago when someone planted the first seed, and our role as hunter gathers changed to farmers and fishers causing procreation to run amuck. It’s taken awhile, but poor agricultural practices and overpopulation have caught up with the human race, the reason for famine in Africa, and around the globe.

Recently Sir David Attenborough came out with a statement pointing out that humans are a plague, and that if we are to survive as a species the only solution is to reduce the human population.

Now, Sir David Attenborough is no slouch, he’s spent most of his life studying nature. Frankly, I believe that were the environmentalists serious about global warming they would heed his advice, and turn their attention to helping to solve this plague.  But then, I’m certain that there’s few amongst the environmentalists that are prepared to argue a solution of this nature with the world’s religious leaders?

So, should we worry about global warming? Perhaps, but on the other hand I read another article recently that argues that we’re about to head into a mini ice age. I wonder just how the environmentalists will react to this news?

Meanwhile I’m still mucking around in the basement going through files and scanning sketches and drawings for my new book……

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