Friday, 24 July 2015


Although it seems like yesterday, it was many years ago.

This one day I was working in my studio at the drafting table sketching and drawing ducks and geese in the act of landing, and taking off. I’d start with a very loose sketch, then using tracing paper to capture the best shape, I’d transfer the image in reverse to another piece of paper, and continue to work on the drawing repeating the process over, and over, until I’d gotten it right. Finally, when I had a collection of these small drawings I’d transfer several of them to a larger piece of paper creating a flock of geese, or several ducks, landing, or taking off. It was a very tedious, time consuming process. Satisfied with the design I’d transfer the drawing to a piece of watercolour paper and make a painting.

So anyway, as mentioned, many years ago I’m working away at my drafting table drawing when I’m visited by a group from the nearby resort interested in seeing my work. One of the group, a young woman, took an interest in my drawings. I explained what I was doing, in the middle of which she interrupted and explained that she did much the same thing, but with the help of a computer and a drawing program. She worked For General Motors and designed automobiles. She explained that rather than go through a long drawn out process that all that I needed was a with a single drawing of a duck, or goose, which when copied into the program could be used to create what was taking me hours to accomplish. She explained that I’d never have to draw another duck, or goose, the computer could do everything.

Sometime later I would purchase a computer, but apart from using it to size and print my drawings for transfer to the watercolour paper I never really got into using the computer in the manner in which the young woman suggested. I intended doing so, but in the course of exploring possibilities I stumbled upon the idea of producing ebooks illustrated with my drawings and paintings. Besides, I’m an artist and sketching, drawing, and writing, are my passion. The computer for all of the attention that it receives is but a tool, and without the artist it serves no creative value.

The following images are a collection of drawings and studies from many years ago.

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