Friday, 3 April 2015


  Graphite Drawing
I woke up this morning to a glorious sunrise with the temperature above 0C, and American Robins singing in our backyard. Spring has arrived. Time to go bird watching, and enjoy the flowering of the northern forest. 

I’m still doing some writing. I have four books on the go. There were suppose to be only two books, but one, MY ART BOOK, with over 200 pages, was becoming a bit cumbersome so I decided to divide it into three parts, SHADES OF GREY, PAINTING PLACES, and THE NATURE ETCHINGS. Hopefully, they will be finished, and ready to publish by the fall. Should anyone out there be interested in what I’ve published visit the online publisher Blurb’s website, and search the titles in their bookstore. The fourth book is a bit of an autobiography titled, 
RED ROVER, RED ROVER, something that is more of a family thing. As to when it might be published, I have no idea. Writing about one’s self is much harder than you might think.

May 19, 2015: My book, THE NATURE ETCHINGS, has been published. The first 50 pages can be reviewed by visiting and searching Bookstore - Fine Art - Ernest Andrew Somers. This book provides some insight into my years spent making intaglio prints, as well as some insight into the business of art. Just to let you know, I'm no longer in the business of selling my art and books. I've been there and done that, and can let you know that for all the effort there's little profit to be made. Besides, I'm now retired and make art for my personal pleasure, and to share with those of you who wish to spend a little time browsing my blog. So, I've made the decision to allow the printer/publisher to sell the books without a markup beyond their costs. In fact one of the books that I've produced, THIRTY PLUS ONE, is a free ebook download for the Ipad and Mac. My next book SHADES OF GREY, A Collection Of Sketches & Drawings, should be finished in a month, or two.

FROOD LAKE - Pencil Sketch  2015

Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada   Graphite Drawing

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