Saturday, 3 May 2014


It’s finally spring back this way and the annual waterfowl migration is underway. Days gone by come the time of the migration, and in all kinds of weather, I would haunt the nearby marsh hoping to view as many species of ducks and geese as was possible. Of all the ducks, Wood Ducks were my favourite, and if I was lucky I might get to see a few mated pairs. One cold, misty day, very early in the morning, I got lucky and stumbled upon as many as twenty drakes vying for the attention of several ducks. It was quite an incredible sight lasting only a few minutes, for as soon as they caught sight of me they were off.  It followed that when I began to paint and draw waterfowl that I’d begin with Wood Ducks. My first attempts were pretty gruesome, in part due to the fact that I relied upon improperly mounted specimens. But, in time they got a bit better.........

Mates - Wood Ducks     Early Watercolour Painting
Drake Wood Duck   Watercolour Painting
Drake Wood Ducks    Pencil Drawing
Drake Wood Ducks    Transparent Watercolour Painting

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