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View of George Lake from East Beach   Graphite Drawing 2006

In 1962, with the opening of Highway 637  from Highway 69 to the village of Killarney, and the establishment of a campground at George Lake, access to Killarney Provincial Park became much easier and the exploration of the park by artists began in earnest.

I recall my first visit to the park. I recall standing on the shore of George Lake looking with awe at the crystal clear water of the lake, and its surrounding quartzite hills. I was immediately inspired to make a sketch and to attempt to capture on paper the solitude that is Killarney Provincial Park. Years later I am still inspired.

George Lake from Camp Site 77   Graphite Drawing 2014

George Lake - Killarney Provincial Park     Graphic Interpretation  Graphite Drawing
Sometimes its good to stray from realism, and to simplify. A fresh approach to a tight drawing.

Little Sheguiandah      Conte Crayon Drawing
This is one of the first drawings that I made of Killarney Provincial Park. At the time I was a bit disappointed with the end result. Now, when I look at it it brings back memories, and I find myself remembering what it was like to hike from George Lake and to come upon this scene for the first time. Wonderful memories to be had hiking and sketching in Canada's many wilderness parks.

Lumsden Lake looking west towards Georgian Bay     Graphite Drawing  2006
I don't encourage, nor does the park encourage, the average hiker to climb up to this overlook on the ridge. Going up is not so difficult, but the way down becomes a bit confusing, and much of it is spent wearing out the seat of your pants.

(Another) View from the Ridge - Lumsden Lake Area      Pen and Ink Sketch

View From the carry over from George Lake to Freeland Lake                  Pen and Ink Sketch

At the end of George Lake there's a bit of a carry over and a paddle down Freeland Lake to the portage to Killarney Lake. 

Killarney Lake    Graphite Drawing

It's worth the paddle from George Lake, through Freeland Lake, and the portage over to crystal clear Killarney Lake. There are moments while paddling on Killarney Lake with its crystal clear water that one has a difficult time determining the surface of water. It's as if your floating in the air. Of course, this phenomenon is not all good news as its clarity is due to acidification caused by pollutants from the nickel smelters located at Sudbury. The pollutants have all but ceased, but the acidification will probably persist for many years.

A Vista from the La Cloche Silhouette Trail    Graphite Sketch

Most hikers climb up to the Crack and stop for a few minutes to take in the view, then head back to the George Lake campground. It pays sometimes to hike a bit further on the trail before heading back.

A Vista from the La Cloche Silhouette Trail     Graphite Drawing

A view of OSA Lake from the Crack                      Graphic Interpretation   Graphite Drawing

Let's call it a day and save  a few drawings and sketches for another day................

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