Monday, 17 February 2014

SHADES OF GREY - What Are Sketches And Drawings?

What Are Sketches And Drawings?

Wolf Creek - Algoma  Graphite Field Sketch
The Sketch: Simply speaking a sketch is the artist’s immediate reaction to a thought, or an idea, expressed in its simplest form. Often when I’m out and about, and without sufficient time to explore an idea in detail, I’ll make a note to myself in the form of a few lines and some written notes, enough to jog my memory, then continue on. Later when I’m back in my studio I might review my notes and decide to take the sketch to another level. Then, if I feel that there’s merit in exploring the idea further I might make further more detailed sketches, and proceed to make a painting.

The Drawing: A drawing might be expressed as the sketch explored in detail, a finished work of art in itself, or the final reference for an elaborate painting. I’ve very often worked on a drawing to the point that I feel that to continue on with the idea would result in the loss of the very reason that I made the sketch. Paintings very often become overworked ideas.

Island Carlyle Lake - Killarney Provincial Park  Graphite Field Sketch

Island Carlyle Lake - Killarney Provincial Park  Graphite Drawing

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