Monday, 25 February 2013


Nature's Way  Etching

This past year parts of Central Canada experienced an early spring, and the fall came late. As a consequence it allowed Barred Owls to raise two batches of youngsters. Owls are very competitive when it comes to territory and food. As a result those juveniles who were still learning to hunt and were without a territory of their own, faced starvation. As more and more Barred Owls began to be found dead, or starving, there was much concern amongst local bird watchers. Of course, there was nothing that could be done but to allow nature to take its course, and to once again bring balance to the Barred Owl population.

A simple solution, allowing nature to run its course. Too simple, and too brutal for we humans to accept. We’d rather choose war and uncontrolled birth with its accompanying starvation and uncontrolled disease to bring balance to the human population. But then, whose to question the great minds of our religious and political leaders. Who would dare?

Owlettes   Linocut

Boreal Owl  Hand-coloured Etching

Hawk Owl

Horned Owl    Etching with Aquatint

Snowy Owl (detail)  Watercolour Painting

Snowy Owl   Watercolour Painting

Screech Owl   Etching with Aquatint

Snowy Owl
 Watercolour Painting

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