Friday, 16 November 2012


The Raven (Part II)

Time passes, as time does.
The crows,
in search of forests green,
and pristine waters,
an errant wind did bring.
Algonkin was no longer the place that it had been.

Taking flight Raven soared with the wind,
and drifted to a land where time began,
when ice retreated and water receded.
To a land with worn mountains as white as snow.
With trees that whisper,
and with lakes -
clear and cold.
To a land where time stands still.
A land called Anishinawbek.


With the coming of the Europeans names given by the aboriginal peoples to their lands were changed, in part to remind the Europeans of the familiar, and to give them a sense of home in a strange land. The area known by the people as Algonkin became Algonquin Provincial Park and Anishinawbek became Killarney Provincial Park.

Following my publishing WHERE RAVEN PLAYS we followed Raven north and began to explore the area known as Killarney Provincial Park. We paddled the lakes and hiked its many hills and trails making many sketches and paintings. In time the collection of sketches and paintings were used to make a book entitled "IMPRESSIONS: An Artist’s Introduction to Killarney Provincial Park". IMPRESSIONS remains in print and can be purchased from the Friends of Killarney Provincial Park through their gift shop which is accessible online.

Bent Pine - Killarney Provincial Park         Watercolour Painting

Cranberry Bog Trail  Killarney Provincial Park  Graphite Drawing

View from the Crack - Killarney Provincial Park  Watercolour Painting

Kidney Lake - Killarney Provincial Park  Watercolour Sketch

Colins Inlet - Killarney Provincial Park  Watercolour Painting

View from the Crack - Killarney Provincial Park  Graphite Drawing

Bent Pine - Chikanishing Trail    Killarney Provincial Park    Graphite Drawing

Frood Lake Revisited - Killarney Provincial Park   Watercolour Painting

Silhouette Trail - Killarney Provincial Park  Graphite Drawing

Little Sheguiandah Lake  
Killarney Provincial Park  
Watercolour Painting

Storm Over George Lake - Killarney Provincial Park  Graphite Drawing

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