Monday, 19 November 2012


The Raven (Part III)

Time passes, as time does.

One morning, in twilight’s stillness
Raven wakened with a start.
Weak, and tired, from journeys endless,
he sensed his end was near.

Once more he summoned up his strength,
and soared to heights he'd long forgotten.
Raven soared on raging winds, high above a shining sea,
to a place with rushing rivers, worn mountains, and tall fir trees.
To the land of Gichigami.

And in this place of solitude Raven remembered,
quiet moments, and memories long forgotten.
With failing breath, and dimming vision,
Raven’s spirit soared.

Now Raven’s spirit lingers in those places,
where once he wheeled and soared.
Impressions made upon those encountered,
will live, forever more. 

~ EAS ~

I've chosen to not add captions to the watercolour paintings and graphite drawings attached to this posting as they're really quite self explanatory, all being my interpretations of the Algoma District landscape, the land north of Gichigami, better known to most everyone as Lake Superior. There are a lot more sketches in the folders, but I believe that these few provide some idea of the incredible beauty that exists up that way.

As it's becoming more and more difficult as I age to climb to the top of the hills to reach the outlooks I'm going to call a halt to my sketching and painting north of Gichigami making way for those much younger to follow in the steps of the Group of Seven.

I've had a good go of it exploring Algonquin, Killarney, Algoma, a bit of Western Canada, and some of the American Southwest. I've made a lot of original prints, sketches, and paintings, and produced several books. 

Time to catch up on my notes and to take some of my sketches to the next level..............

Sunday, 18 November 2012


Over a period of several years we took advantage of every opportunity to travel up to Killarney to explore and sketch. We sometimes stayed in the village of Killarney, and sometimes, during extended visits to the area, we chose to stay in a cottage at Tyson Lake. Tyson Lake is located approximately midway between Hwy 69 and the village of Killarney. Tyson Lake is a large lake with several fingers, a bit of a challenge to paddle on a windy day. So, on windy days we’d explore Wolf Creek. Wolf Creek, actually a small river, that originates in Spoon Lake approximately 15km to the southeast and empties into Tyson Lake.

Truth be known we spent quite a bit of time exploring Wolf Creek. Being slow flowing and shallow, and narrowing at times to a 50 meters, or so, it provided wonderful opportunities to view wildlife. Over the years our viewing experiences included bears, elk, deer, otters, many species of waterfowl, songbirds, and birds of prey. It was also a wonderful place to sit quietly and sketch and simply let the world pass by.

Leaning Pines - Wolf Creek  Acrylic Painting

Common Loons - Tyson Lake  Graphite Drawing

Tyson Lake   Watercolour Painting

Middle of Wolf Creek   Watercolour Sketch

Wood Ducks - Wolf Creek    Pencil Drawing

Island - Spoon Lake   Watercolour Sketch

Wolf Creek - Watercolour Painting

Mouth of Spoon Lake   Watercolour Sketch

Neck of Spoon Lake   Watercolour Sketch

Friday, 16 November 2012


The Raven (Part II)

Time passes, as time does.
The crows,
in search of forests green,
and pristine waters,
an errant wind did bring.
Algonkin was no longer the place that it had been.

Taking flight Raven soared with the wind,
and drifted to a land where time began,
when ice retreated and water receded.
To a land with worn mountains as white as snow.
With trees that whisper,
and with lakes -
clear and cold.
To a land where time stands still.
A land called Anishinawbek.


With the coming of the Europeans names given by the aboriginal peoples to their lands were changed, in part to remind the Europeans of the familiar, and to give them a sense of home in a strange land. The area known by the people as Algonkin became Algonquin Provincial Park and Anishinawbek became Killarney Provincial Park.

Following my publishing WHERE RAVEN PLAYS we followed Raven north and began to explore the area known as Killarney Provincial Park. We paddled the lakes and hiked its many hills and trails making many sketches and paintings. In time the collection of sketches and paintings were used to make a book entitled "IMPRESSIONS: An Artist’s Introduction to Killarney Provincial Park". IMPRESSIONS remains in print and can be purchased from the Friends of Killarney Provincial Park through their gift shop which is accessible online.

Bent Pine - Killarney Provincial Park         Watercolour Painting

Cranberry Bog Trail  Killarney Provincial Park  Graphite Drawing

View from the Crack - Killarney Provincial Park  Watercolour Painting

Kidney Lake - Killarney Provincial Park  Watercolour Sketch

Colins Inlet - Killarney Provincial Park  Watercolour Painting

View from the Crack - Killarney Provincial Park  Graphite Drawing

Bent Pine - Chikanishing Trail    Killarney Provincial Park    Graphite Drawing

Frood Lake Revisited - Killarney Provincial Park   Watercolour Painting

Silhouette Trail - Killarney Provincial Park  Graphite Drawing

Little Sheguiandah Lake  
Killarney Provincial Park  
Watercolour Painting

Storm Over George Lake - Killarney Provincial Park  Graphite Drawing

Monday, 12 November 2012


Raven Soaring Over Whitefish Lake - Algonquin Provincial Park   Watercolour Painting

The Raven (Part I)

Raven soared on the wind,
and drifted south to lands condemned,
where crows,
and other creatures,
much despised,
lived lonely lives on land depleted of forests green,
and sparkling waters.
As if to test he called a challenge,
and far below,
a crow was wakened.
Taking flight -
it issued warning.
High above Raven saw the crow take flight,
and struggle to achieve height.
Another crow was soon to follow,
soon another,
and then another.
Screaming threats the crows ascended.
Raven wondered at the mystery,
and wheeling on a thermal was soon ascending,
then higher.
The crows were tiring as Raven caught a northern breeze,
and drifted,
with ease,
to a land of sparkling waters,
and tall green trees.
A land called Algonquin. 


I've always admired Ravens as being secretive and wise. Often time while busy sketching in some lonely corner of Algonquin I'd get that feeling of my being watched and would stop and looking around would discover Raven quietly considering my presence. Masters of flight I've spent many a moment watching their antics as they tumble and soar on thermals. Some fear Raven. I have only admiration. When I hear Raven's greeting I know that I'm home, truly home in the solitude that is Canada's northern wilderness.

Sunrise Smoke Lake
 Algonquin Provincial Park  Watercolour Painting

Tea Lake   Algonquin Provincial Park   Watercolour Painting

Lone Pine Whitefish Lake  Algonquin Provincial Park  Watercolour Painting

Cache Lake   Algonquin Provincial Park  Watercolour Painting

Cloud Lake  Algonquin Provincial Park  Watercolour Painting

Found Lake  Algonquin Provincial Park   Watercolour Painting

Spruce Island  Algonquin Provincial Park   Watercolour Sketch

View from the Lookout Trail  Algonquin Provincial Park  Watercolour Sketch

Peck Lake  Algonquin Provincial Park  Watercolour Sketch

Booth Rock Trail  Algonquin Provincial Park  Watercolour Painting 

Sunrise Whitefish Lake    Algonquin Provincial Park     Watercolour Painting